Equine Cremation

Individual Horse Cremation

Tailored to your needs.............

All equine collections and cremations are specifically tailored to your needs. All cremations take place on site here at Rosehill in our purpose built cremators that will accommodate any size of pet or horse from the smallest furry to the largest heavy horse.



We only collect one horse at any one time, we use own bespoke designed stretcher, we do not drag horses either by chains or drag mats, also known as slip mats, therefore ensuring a respectful and dignified collection every time. We only cremate one horse at any one time, we do not do communal cremations... individual means individual.

Ashes will be returned to you in a vessel of your choice, we can supply a willow casket, generally used for scattering or burial, a wooden casket, in oak or mahogany colour complete with a brass/silver style name plaque with an inscription of your choosing. We can also supply a Chester casket also with a brass/silver style name plaque.



For clients that do not wish to have all the ashes returned, we can offer to scatter your horses ashes in our woodland. If you decide upon this option then you may like to keep a very small amount of ash back for return in either one of our many keepsake products.

Also available for token amounts of ash, of which are to be returned, are scatter tubes, caskets, urns, keepsakes and ashes into jewellery.

If you would like to discuss how Rosehill Pet & Equine Crematorium can help you or you would like to arrange the collection of your horse or pony, please contact us at any time either via our contact page, by telephone on 07502 055504  or e-mail us at rosehillpetcrem@gmail.com.

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